We provide exceptional quality residential remodeling services which are above all others. We take great pride in the fact that all of our subcontractors are specialized in their own field of endeavor. Such as, our framing subcontractor is a licensed and insured framer. Our HVAC subcontractor is a licensed and insured HVAC contractor. Our plumber is a licensed and insured plumber. Our electrician is a licensed and insured electrician. Our insulation, sheetrock, trim carpenter, and painting subcontractors have each been in business for over 30 years. We do NOT use individuals who claim to be “Masters” of a few or all remodeling crafts. These individuals are usually “Jokers” of all and “Masters” of none and the homeowner usually ends up with exactly the “Joker” type of mediocre remodeling service. As a homeowner, you deserve exceptional not mediocre.


We are licensed and insured in Kansas and Missouri. We truly believe that all remodeling contractors should be licensed and insured.  Ask me why!